Challenge: Accepted


I threw down the gauntlet today – I am accepting challenges and creating them for myself as I work towards my new amazing figure!

Challenge #1: My friend Brodie and I are starting from today to lose 10kg by November 29th – I know that sounds mental but I believe I can do it!

Challenge #2: My first physical activity challenge! CJ, nutrition student and all-around top bird wants me to do 2×10 sit-ups every day for two weeks. Rock hard abba-dabbas here I come!

Challenge #3: No alcohol for one month (OH MY GOD WHY) from my longtime friend Rhiannon-Rose. I started on Monday (haven’t drunk this week, why start now? See you all at the pub at the end of November)!

Challenge #4: No chocolate, ever.

I hope you realise there’s NO WAY I am accepting that! I did, however, offer to switch to dark only (70% cocoa) instead. I am not saying forever, but until Feb 20 2015 at least.

Challenge #5: MOVE YOUR ASS WITH PURPOSE! Michelle, a friend who is currently undertaking an amazing challenge herself (to which you should all donate!), tells me I must use every lunch time to get the blood pumping. Look for the hashtag #moveyourasswithpurpose and join in across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Challenge #6: From my previous boss Laura, “10,000 steps every day not included as exercise just because!” (I got this).

Challenge #7: Bondi to Bronte Walk with my friend Kirra

Challenge #8: Bec from Beachless Beauty wants push-up AND sit-ups! I am awful at push-ups and would totally fail so I compromised with more sit-ups (now 25 instead of 20) and a one-minute plank.

I started this year with an idea of how I was going to get to my next goal and I had a lot of success.
I have always been as honest as possible about how I am feeling and the milestones I have met, although this time around I am so open it scares me.

I will be posting progress shots on November 29, using some which I will take this week to compare. Prepare your eyes for more glorious tights-and-sports-bra action (HOT)!

10kgs, 350 sit-ups, 10,000 steps, no booze, 70% cocoa, 840 seconds of planking, 6kms of walking… Sounds easy!


Bring on the challenges folks, I am READY.

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